SHO Club of America Membership


Help support our club with an annual membership! Membership allows you to purchase Member-only merchandise in the store , and you get a $25 discount coupon for the current year SHO Convention.



*IMPORTANT* When you proceed to checkout, the cart will ask for a member number. INPUT 0000 in for the member number, because you will receive your membership number after purchasing a membership. The member number is used to verify that only members are purchasing the SHO Club Official Merchandise.

After you purchase the membership, you will receive an email with your member number.

SHO Club of America – Membership


We are again instituting a SHO Club of America (SCOA) Membership. This will be an annual plan, very similar to what was in effect from the founding of the SHO Registry in 1991, through the SHO Club in the early 2000s. We need to have a regular revenue stream to support our Club activities, as well as help to plan and organize the annual SHO Convention.


The annual Membership will be $39/year. Subsequent year renewals can be less, if you don’t require another set of decals.

Member Benefits

  • You will be given a unique Member Number for your vehicle, a 3” (see picture) to place where you wish. This will also be your Car Number for the Convention. You will keep this number for your subsequent annual renewals.
  • You will get two SHO Club of America window decals (see picture), only available to Club members.
  • You will receive a $25 Discount toward the Registration Fee for the next upcoming SHO Convention.
  • You will have the ability to purchase Member-Only tee shirts, polo shirts, and hats.
  • Future considerations include special admission to Ford events through the Ford Performance Group and the Ford Car Club network


Upon joining the SHO Club of America, you will be sent a Welcome email, and it will contain your SCOA Member Number, which you can then use to purchase Member-only clothing and decals. We accept PayPal, or you can mail a check (address for mailing will be in the Checkout process).


In the Member Store, you will also have the ability to purchase additional decals with your Member Number, as well as additional window decals, since some of you are known to have more than one SHO!



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