SHO Club of America 

The SHO National Owners Club is an organization for enthusiasts and owners of the Ford Taurus SHO performance sedans. This includes the 1989 through 1999 Yamaha-powered versions, as well as the 2010 through 2019 Ford EcoBoost-powered versions. No matter if you’re an actual SHO owner or just a fan – or if you pronounce it “S.H.O.” (as the letter acronym for “Super High Output”), or just SHO (like the word “show”) – all are welcome to join us.Like the SHO Taurus itself which was first announced in 1988, our club enjoys a long and colorful history, dating back to early 1991. The original organization was called the SHO Registry, founded by Bill Staib from Georgia, not far from the Atlanta-area plant where the SHO Taurus had been produced. The first national SHO convention was held in June of 1992 in Peoria, IL, hosted by that local chapter of the SHO Registry. Several Ford executives, including Benson Ford, were in attendance, and chose the event to reveal that an automatic transmission version of the SHO was going to be produced. As enthusiast interest in the SHO grew, so did the club – peaking at about 5,500 members in the mid-’90s.After 11 model years, three distinct generations and a production run of just over 120,000 cars, the SHO was dropped after the 1999 model year. In 2000, the club was transferred to its current president, Don Mallinson, and the name was changed to the S.H.O. National Owners Club.

 The SHO Club has enjoyed a renaissance, with Ford’s 2009 rebirth of Taurus SHO for the 2010 model year, and Ford Racing’s creation of the Ford Performance Group. FPG helped coordinate the SHO Club’s participation in the 2010 SHO’s launch activities, including a Dearborn press preview, the official reveal at the Chicago Auto Show, a Chicago Assembly Plant tour, and even the media drive event. What’s more, Ford Division’s own Team Taurus participated at the 2009 SHO Convention. Today’s SHO Club looks forward to serving the interests of enthusiasts for ALL Taurus SHOs – both old and new! Unfortunately, Ford again axed the entire Taurus line, including the SHO, in March of 2019.

Don Mallinson remained as the President of the SHO Club from 2000 through 2009. He then turned the reins over to his son, Ken Mallinson, who led the Club from 2010 through 2014. Kirk Doucette then ran the Club from 2015 until June 2019. Ron Porter then took over the SHO Club in the summer of 2019.We have created a SHO Club Advisory Council (SCAC), to assist in leading the Club forward. In March 2020, the Club name was again changed to the SHO Club of America, and we reinstituted a Membership plan that had existed from the founding of the SHO Registry through the early years of the SHO Club.

What has not changed are annual SHO conventions, which have been held at different locations across the country since the club’s founding and continue to this day. They have been held annually, with a few exceptions. We will be holding the 2020 National SHO Convention #28 at the PittRace facility, just northwest of Pittsburgh, on September 3-6, 2020.

Unfortunately, the beloved Founder of the SHO Club, Don Mallinson, left us in March 2018. We all miss him dearly!

Don Mallinson

“Founder and President of the SHO Club, Don Mallinson (1948-2018). RIP, Don, we miss you!”